Thursday, 1 September 2011

It’s all about the cake…

My life revolves mainly in a tight orbit around cake. Even more so than usual these last few months, cause a girl has to keep her strength up. I have been lucky enough to consume a great deal of very wondrous cakes and puds of late, and I hope you enjoy these pictures of what I have been hoovering:


C’s death-defyingly-good pavlova which we devoured at a summer barbecue (I still have dreams about it):




Macaroons at Bar Boulud:




A Victoria Sponge filled with blackberries from my garden:




'Come hither, you are defenceless against my vanilla-soaked sponge and indecent fillings…’




Little apple and orange zest muffins, perfectly handbag or fist-sized:




C and K’s wedding cake – guys please tell me I wasn’t the only one stuffing a large section of this into my bag to take home? It was a delicious lemony sponge, just heavenly…



My godson A’s chocolate birthday cake complete with animals wading knee-deep in chocolate – that’s what I want to be doing…




Hope those have got you sprinting to the nearest establishment of baked goods…remember: a daily injection of cake brings spiritual happiness. Just ignore the increasing circumference of your thighs!


  1. That victoria sponge looks amazing - loving the cakes!

  2. Thanks Hungry Horse! Shame you can't have a piece via the screen...but you can get the Vic Sponge recipe here if you fancy making it:

  3. yummy cakes! looks very delicious!