Saturday, 16 March 2013

Come follow me at Toast & Butter


Hi everyone. As you may have noticed, Tales from the Tiny Kitchen has become rather lazy of late. I have just moved the blog to a new place called Toast and Butter.

The reasons are as follows: I moved house, got a slightly bigger kitchen, had a baby, was too exhausted to write for a long time, and then felt like the blog needed a spring clean. So it’s now resurrected as Toast & Butter – which happens to be my desert island dish. I would walk across hot coals for most buttered toast – as long as it’s not cheap white sliced, and more like the above!

I’d love you to come and take a look, and then follow the new blog – it will still have all the original content featured on TFTTK, but have a sleek, shiny new coat. I think it looks a bit better and less like it was stuck in a 90’s timewarp – I hope you’ll agree. Looking forward to seeing you over yonder for more food ramblings and recipes.

Over and out,


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